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Hoi An
1 day

The most happening city of Da Nang is right next door to the charming Hoi An and a day trip to Da Nang offering some of the most attractive activities as well as sightseeings for visitor. Leaving the hotel for Da Nang, we will visit Marble Mountain where we discover the stunning natural cave and enjoy  the  spectacular  view from the peak. We will also visit mysterious pagodas and the stone sculpture village. Then, we will continue driving to  the  Cham   Museum , which is housing some of the most valuable collection of the Cham Culture’s vestiges. We still then take a stroll to the nearby Con Market. Afterlunch, we will driving through the Thuan  Phuoc  Bridge  -  the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam to Son Tra Peninsula for visiting Dong Dinh Museum, Quan Am Status and Linh Ung pagoda, known as one of the most significant pilgrimage destinations for Buddhism. Before returning to Hoi An, we may end up with a walk along the long and white sandy beach.

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